Tips for Quitting Cigarette Smoking

Are you a long time smoker that’s ready to kick the habit? Regardless of whether you’ve made several attempts to quit smoking in the past, it’s never too late to stop the habit. The health benefits of not smoking can be evidenced in a few short weeks. Increased stamina, mental clarity and a new lease on life are but a few of the benefits that can be realized in a short time. The lungs will begin to immediately repair themselves and your life span will also be increased.

The first step is to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss the different options that are available to assist in the withdrawal process.  From medications to patches, your doctor will be able to review the pros and cons of each option and together you can select the course of action that will be the most beneficial in helping you quit. Select a quit date within the next two weeks. Begin to imagine yourself as a non-smoker. No more looking for exits and ways to duck out for a quit cigarette. No more spending untold sums on cigarettes. No more smells and ash surrounding you, your home and your vehicle. Imagine the freedom you will feel as a non-smoker. It will be truly liberating.

Hell your body is going to love you for it, trust me I’ve done it, as a bearded man I can say that within days of quitting my beards health improved, suddenly I wasn’t having to remove dead and damaged beard hair on a daily basis with my daily beard scissor trim. Then I noticed that the supplements I was taking and if you are wondering it’s these, suddenly started working overtime, then I realised it was because they weren’t in repair mode, but instead in build mode, my beard was thicker and healthier, this meant I had to trim weekly with my wahl trimmer. I also ended up joining this beard community to ensure that I got the best out of my beard.

Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in active wear from the huge selection available from Under Armour. Walking and exercise is one of the greatest ways to stave off cravings for cigarettes. As you quit, your metabolism will begin to slow. Nicotine acts as a stimulant and increases the metabolism. It’s important to offset that with increased exercise. Commit to walking at least fifteen minutes three times each day. Whether you’re walking on your lunch hour, before work or in the evenings, continuous boosts to your metabolism will lesson your desire for a cigarette. Begin this habit of walking prior to your designated quit date.

Begin to identify your trigger points. Do you reach for a cigarette after meals, while in the car or on the phone. Make an alternative plan in advance to address these trigger times. Brush your teeth immediately after meals. Power- clean your car prior to your quit date. Stand while talking on the phone and walk around if this is an option.

On your quit date, celebrate each hour you’ve gone without a cigarette. Begin to celebrate each day and then each week. Take small steps and make very short term goals that can be quickly realized.  Congratulations on becoming a non-smoker!

Once you’ve fought and won the battle, you can now celebrate in the best way, and that’s in repairing your home, by quitting your body has repaired itself, unfortunately your home cannot do that. So instead you need to do the work, you’ll need to strip your home and wash down any woodwork with a power washer, then you’ll need to identify the worse bits that cannot be washed down alone and instead you’ll need to use tools such as a table saw like this one, and a band saw such as this to fashion replacements, if you are unsure how to do this then you’ll want to head over to this site to learn more.

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